dennis parker spring 2020 art classes


Harrow Arts Centre, 171 Uxbridge Road, Hatch End, Middx HA5 4EA

9.30 – 11.30 am                  9 classes weekly                       £100


  • For all levels from beginners to advanced

  • For those painting for pleasure as well as those working towards GCSE, A-level or degree

  • A choice of working in any media including drawing, painting (watercolour, pastel, acrylic, oil), mixed media, print making etc

  • A chance to have fun exploring all styles of interpretation from realism to abstraction, with demonstrations in all techniques

  • Opportunity to develop and gain guidance on your portfolio for art college, degree and postgraduate courses. 

For all classes, themes are suggested – not obligatory – so if you have other concepts you would prefer to explore you can do so instead, with Dennis’s help and guidance whilst navigating the creative process. 

Having explored essential techniques and styles students are encouraged to create original work from their own references, such as observational drawings and photographs, rather than images from magazines or the internet.


MONDAY        starts 20 January        ends 30 March        no class 17, 24 February

Close-up: Wool & Horns

Drawing / Watercolour / Acrylic                         

Thick soft fleecy wool and hard ridged, rugged textured horns with the inscrutable shapes of sheep’s heads – exciting to shoot, draw and paint.



TUESDAY        starts 21 January        ends 31 March        no class 18, 25 February

Magic Mushrooms

Pencil / Pastel / Pen & Wash / Mixed Media                       

Autumn and winter – optimum time to discover mushrooms and toadstools. Get down and dirty and shoot them close-up.



WEDNESDAY        starts 22 January        ends 1 April        no class 19, 26 February

Atmospheric Spring Landscapes


An ideal class for beginners with no previous painting experience. We start with controlled colour mixing via three primary colours, then progress to a variety of exciting colour applications and techniques to develop confidence and produce expressive and atmospheric studies.


THURSDAY        starts 23 January        ends 2 April        no class 20, 27 February

Spring Flower Studies

Drawing / Watercolour / Acrylic                      

As Wednesday watercolour class.



FRIDAY        starts 24 January        ends 3 April        no class 21, 28 February

Birds’ Nests

Drawing / Watercolour / Acrylic / Mixed Media                       

As trees shed their leaves, nests are slowly revealed – why not climb a tree to shoot a nest, or better still imagine your ideal nest, maybe with eggs snugly inside.



To book your place please phone Dennis Parker on 0208 381 2392

Please post your cheque (not post-dated please) payable to Dennis Parker, to 55 Bush Grove, Stanmore, HA7 2DY


Current students have priority booking for Spring classes until 22 November. for materials.

0208 381 2392 or for further information 



dennis parker shaping air - photoshoots with photographic model / ballerina


Within a small group, a unique opportunity to have a private photoshoot with an experienced photographic model/ballerina with the added dimension of professional photographic lighting. Artists wishing to explore the aesthetic of classical life poses, the fluidity of dance/movement and more unusual physically demanding short term photographic poses will be guided through the alchemy of photo composition using light, angle and shadow. Studio lighting, in tandem with filters and reflectors, enables us to explore ‘in-camera:’ framing a shot, perspective, subtleties and nuances of colour playing on the human form, plus the impact of angle and degree of light and shadow (chiaroscuro). Essential knowledge of your own camera, whether it is compact, bridge or DSLR, includes how to access: shutter priority, aperture priority, ISO and exposure compensation, to maximise the potential of the shoot.

0208 381 2392 or for further information



Opportunity to develop and gain guidance on your portfolio for art college, degree and postgraduate courses. 

Calligraphy for beginners tuition available in all classes.

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